He said, “I’ve never had this much fun on a vacation before, in fact, I need a vacation just to come down from this past week.” It’s true, most of my guests maximize their time with me ....from sun-up

It was then I realized that I wasn’t offering vacations but

to waning moon. Punta San Carlos just has that affect on me and my guests. So when a vacation is not enough, when you crave a truly rewarding adventure in one of the world’s breathtaking pris- tine coastal desert places, with totally unique experiences you will remember for a lifetime, discover Punta San Carlos with SoloSports Adventure Holidays. But be forewarned, you may need a vacation afterward.

very special adventure holidays. The ex- hilarating private plane or dirt road ride to camp, the first rush of dropping in on a head high wave or a screaming downhill MTB run, always top the list of guest fa- vorite experiences. But sitting back at sun- set clutching an ice cold Baja Fog, nursing your sore tired muscles and savoring our own Baja cooks’ - fresh, homemade Baja cuisine, also share top honors of precious moments that make up our holidays. I remember a conversation with

Kevin Trejo - CEO

one of my guests as we were leaving for home.

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