Not very long after that first ex- perience I began to focus all my travel services to Punta San Carlos. During the

I can’t believe it’s been 30 years since I started SoloSports in 1987!

I started with an intense desire to live the outdoor sports lifestyle - traveling to exotic destinations, enjoying the exciting and the rewarding life it brings. Being a mountain biker/surfer/windsurfer, I was, like many others, drawn to Punta San Carlos for the waves and wind and endless possibilities for mountain biking. After my first experience I was hopeless- ly in love. I have never found a more en- chanting place with its natural splendor, breathtaking scenic vistas, wonderful people and perfect conditions for a myriad of land and water activities.

following decades, I noticed something unique about my guests. They chose my services over hundreds of other vacation travel options because their experience with me was truly a special memorable adventure. I began a quest to discover and capture just what my guests found so alluring about our Punta San Carlos experiences. It was no surprise - they were just like me, with the same love of adventure, solo sports, the land, the ocean and the people.

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