2018-SoloSports Adventure Holidays Primer

A Message from Kevin Trejo

I started SoloSports in 1987 with an intense desire to live the outdoor sports lifestyle- traveling to exotic destinations and, enjoying the exciting and rewarding life it brings. We’re now going on our 31st year! Being a mountain biker/surfer/windsurfer, I was, like many others, drawn to Punta San Carlos for the waves and wind and endless possibilities for moun- tain biking. After my first experience, I was hope- lessly in love. I have never found a more enchanting place with its natural slender, breathtaking scenic vistas, wonderful people and perfect conditions for a myriad of land and water activities.

Not very long after that first experience I began to focus all my travel services to Punta San Carlos. During the following decades, I noticed something unique about my guests. They chose my services over hundreds of other vacation travel options because their experience with me was truly a special memorable adventure. I began a quest to discover and capture just what my guests found so alluring about our Punta San Carlos experiences. It was no surprise, ....they were just like me, with the same love of adventure, solo sports, the land, the ocean and the people. It was then I realized that I wasn’t offering vacations but very special adventure holidays. The exhilarating private plane or dirt road ride to camp, the first rush of dropping in on a head high wave or a screaming downhill MTB run, always top the list of guest favorite experiences. But sitting back at sunset clutching an ice cold Baja Fog, nursing your sore tired muscles and savoring our own Baja cook’s - fresh, homemade Baja cuisine, also share top honors of precious moments that make up our holidays. I remember a conversation with one of my guests as we were leaving for home. He said “I’ve never had this much fun on a vacation before, in fact, I need a vacation just to come down from this past week.” It’s true, most of my guests maximize their time with me ...from sun-up to waning moon. Punta San Carlos just has that affect on me and my guests. So when a vacation is not enough, when you crave a truly rewarding adventure in one of the world’s breathtaking pristine coastal desert places, with totally unique experiences you will remember for a lifetime, discover Punta San Carlos with SoloSports Adventure Holidays. But be advised, you’ll may need a vacation afterward.

You just won’t know until you go.

Kevin Trejo - CEO

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